Smart Casual Outfits and Accessories for Women

Smart Casual is usually the go to look when attending any party, dinner party, barbeque, relaxed work place or day time wedding. In fact if no dress code is stated on any invitation then the choice should be smart casual. So how do you find the right smart casual outfit to fit the event? Well how about we start with what not to do? Don't wear your cocktail dress. Smart casual is about taking your everyday wear and dressing it up - this might be with accessories, think jewellery, scarves and shoes or with a great jacket or faux fur wrap. Jewellery is easy to wear and you can add some night time elegance to a casual day outfit just by changing your earring to statement pieces with bold gold or silver , or even some crystals.  Fluffy furs and jackets are very on trend pieces to turn any everyday outfit into the perfect smart casual outfit. The most on trend colours for jackets and caridgans on line in 2018 are soft pink and navy. You will also get lots of use out of a neutral or charcoal jacket as this can be added to pretty much any dress or suit .Can you wear denim when the dress code says smart casual? I think women should be very careful with denim. Unless its very dark with no rips or tricks then its probably best to avoid. A good quality black denim jean can be dressed up with heels or a wedge and add a luxe knit or velvet jacket to dress up your casual wear.  Long skirts are very much on trend and they always make a casual outfit feel a little more dressed up, go for satin pleating or luxe velvet to really make a statement. If you wear an ankle boot with your long skirt it will dress it down a bit where as a pretty slip on with heel or wedge will give a more elegant fee to the outfit.Here are a few pictures from our brands of good smart casual outfits. Our designer brands that do smart casual best are  Loobies Story, Ella Sanders , Elk and Lilya



Elk Casual dressLilya young outfitBinny casual skirt and blouse

Loobies Story Dress and CoatElla Sanders Coat and pants


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