So in LOVE with Misuzi jewellery

So , Misuzi has always been a love of mine. But this new collection really has just taken my breath away. It is so "on point" ! Did i say that ? I am old fashioned so I want to say "on trend" but am corrected regularly . So "on point" it is .... and it really is. 

This is the most amazing collection. As I was opening the mouth watering parcel today I was kicking myself for not ordering more. Mainly because I wanted it all myself. However, I must make sure that Since I Found You has some stock , so it is all there for you  to see. You can see a little in the online store, but you really need to come in and see it in all its glory. Or call us. We are happy to snap pics and send them to you or just chat and describe over the phone. Happy Monday everyone.

Pip x

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