Whats happening Winter 2019

So the weather is cooling down and we need to get our winter wardrobe sorted. Here are a few of the new trends , you should grab now. Wider leg pants ! Yay, with a cropped hem, in denim or wool - take you pick. Team this with a simple fluffy jumper or white tee and denim jacket. Just make sure the top isnt too long.....

Skirts Skirts Skirts - they are back and look brilliant with boots and a cosy knit. Or tuck in you shirt for a more corporate look. Any of these bottoms look great with a simple sneaker - I am not so sure about those new "dad" of Seinfeld shoes - not the most flattering me thinks.

Fluff and fur always look great - and are an especially handy edition to a silk dress , stops you freezing. 

The blazer is back and I am so happy, I love a classic black blazer with jeans - reminds me of Rachel Green in my favourite Friends!

Here is a link to to Bazaar mags top 2019 picks - happy reading. Click


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