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Love and Nostalgia

As enthusiasts about matters of the heart, we believe that your wardrobe should be an extension of how you feel. Happy. Sad. Sexy. Cheeky. Like art. Wild. Fearless. Angry. Authentic. Daring. Calm. Strong. Weak. Bold. Like a song… Alive!

We believe that your clothes should represent who you are, both with inside and out. So you can feel yourself.

Amongst the Australian market no one was offering wearable, premium, creative designs with personality that we’re made consciously and we we’re sick of the compromise.    

 So we are bringing our 30 + year’s experience in the fashion industry (and life) to challenge the fast and hard fashion market with garments that are made with love, and inspired by nostalgia.  

Love and Nostalgia is here to change the fashion landscape by offering practical pieces with individual flair. All crafted from timeless, premium materials with a destiny to become vintage in their DNA.

From the design inspiration, to the craftsmanship and from one heart to another, we are going to take each step of what we do with love and share that with you, our Love Club. We trust that you will feel it too.   


Here’s to love! Team LN xx