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From the designer

With no expectations except for sharing my lifelong passion with apparel and art, MLM Label was initiated in 2009. My vision for MLM Label was, and still is for the women of today.

 Over the past twelve years, I have worked alongside a vast array of hand skilled creatives, strong business women and innovative industry contacts who have helped the label grow in to what it is today.

 Each day, I am grateful to be surrounded by such inspiring staff, clients, family and friends who are positive and supportive about who the #MLMGIRL is. MLM label represents every step I have taken and every decision I have made over the years. It represents family, it represents love and continues to thrive. ‘More Loving Mindfulness’.

 Please spare a moment to read below about the origins of MLM Label, our mission and how the brand is created today… from us…for you. Julia Softley x