Wooden Ships , beautiful soft , hand made eco friendly jumpers, cardigans and wraps.

We use eco-friendly oxo-degradable plastic bags. These bags are produced with an additive (d2w) that makes the plastic decompose far more rapidly than normal plastic. Our plastic bags will not be on the planet for hundreds and thousands of years! Information about this is printed on all our bags (with eco-friendly dyes!).

We do bulk packing rather than piece packing to minimize the amount of plastic used at all. This is another advantage of producing by Sales Order - we don't put stock on the shelves, so we don't need to package each piece in plastic. 

Goods are vacuum packed to minimize the number of boxes we ship - this reduces our carbon footprint.

We recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal at our factory in Bali and we donate all yarn wastage to be reused locally for stuffing in pillows and dolls.

We compost all organic material (food waste etc) at our factory (and home) in Bali and teach our employees how to compost at home and the benefits of composting.

Air Conditioners are our offices in Bali have been retrofitted to use Hycool, a non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable eco-friendly alternative to freon.

We are not currently working with Bamboo or other particularly eco fibers due to the fact that all yarns like this would need to be imported from China which would negate the eco factor. Moreover, bamboo production and subsequent dying is currently a very chemical process and not at all eco-friendly despite its reputation. We are looking for truly eco-friendly yarns!

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by presenting our collections early enough that accounts can order with a minimum lead time of 4 months, allowing us to ship by sea, thereby saving the planet from more CO2